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No Other Campgrounds Come Close

No Other Campgrounds Come Close

5 Star Rating

I’ve stayed at the Zion Canyon Campground on four seperate trips and can’t help but be impressed each time at the quality of the faciilities and the wonderful location near the main gates of the park. It’s become a necessity when I go to Zion to stay at the Zion Canyon Campground because no other campgrounds in the area hold a candle to it

— Ryan Jordan
May 3, 2010

Beauty and Magnificence

Beauty and Magnificence

5 Star Rating

We have been camping twice a year at the Zion Canyon Campground for 10 years. The grounds and facilities are beautiful, comfortable, and immaculate. The hospitality of the Ferbers and their staff is superb. No words can adequately convey the beauty and magnificence of Zion Canyon and the surrounding area. If you only camp or RV once a year, this has to be the top of your short list!!

— Scott & Sandy Evers
July 18, 2011

Great for Family Reunion!

4 Star Rating

We are part of the Durfey Reunion. We are at Zion Canyon Campground every year on the 4th of July weekend with about 150 people other people in the reunion.

— Robert Hazard
July 5, 2006

Priceless View from the Campground

5 Star Rating

The view from the campground is priceless! The campground is beautiful and well worth the drive from California.

— Megan Stansell
May 15, 2010

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